Custom-made cabling and cable specials

In addition to the extensive range of cabling, Intronics offers custom-made cabling. You can think of adjustments in length, color or connector. We also provide cables with customised labelling. Besides the adjustments on existing standard cables, we design and manufacture cable specials for specific applications. 

Cables in any desired length

Cabling that is too long (also known as over-length) can cause signal loss or extra heat, for example,  in a server cabinet. Prevent over-lengths by choosing custom-made cables and get started immediately without having to use tools first.

We are specialised in supplying UTP network cabling, prefabricated fibre-optic cables, video cabling for HDMI and DisplayPort, data cables and USB cabling in any length.

Cables in any desired color

The color of the cable does not affect the functioning of the cable. However, for example for companies with large patch panels, coloured UTP cables can be useful for identifying certain wiring.
Then customised cabling is the solution.

Cables with labelling

Cable labelling provides marking of cables, making them easier to distinguish from each other. We see this a lot in server rooms, for example for specifying ports.

We can label different types of cables, such as copper network cables, fibre-optic cables, DAC cables and power cables.

You do not need to invest in printers. In consultation with us, you can specify what should be on the label and where the label should be placed on the cable.

Cable specials: specially designed and manufactured cables

Intronics has years of experience in markets and circumstances where standard connectivity does not offer the desired solution. Customer-specific requirements and application areas place special demands on a connectivity solution. Besides the adaptations to existing standard cables mentioned above, we design and manufacture cable specials for specific applications.

Our engineering department maps out your requirements and all details are fine-tuned. We produce a drawing of the defined cable, incorporating all specifications. Once the process has been completed and all parties are in agreement, the production process is started. We monitor the quality and the production process.

To ensure high quality standards, our processes are ISO9001-2015 and are constantly monitored with internal and external audits.

Want to know more about our engineering solutions? 

Our professionals are ready to help

Our professionals are ready to help you. Please let us know if you need additional information or assistance in choosing a suitable solution.

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