Customised cables for seating comfort systems

Comflair is a company specialized in seating comfort systems. They supply innovative comfort systems for recliners and sofas. In his search for the right cabling for the control systems of these recliners and sofas, Jilgert Lammers (director of Comflair) ended up at Intronics.


In the past, Comflair ordered its cables directly from China and some were manufactured in a social workplace. More and more often, they ran into the problem of long delivery times, difficult communication and quality issues, which led to a halt in the production of the control systems.

When looking for a Dutch party, a number of things were important to Comflair:

• Ability to supply customised cables
• Sufficient stock
• Short delivery times
• Consistent quality
• Good communication


Comflair ended up at Intronics via the Internet. In a first conversation with the industry experts of Intronics it soon became clear that Intronics could meet the wishes of Comflair:

Supply of customised cables

Intronics supplies cables to Comflair in any desired length. In addition, customised cables are made with combinations of existing connectors that are connected in a special way. For this, the engineering department of Intronics first carefully mapped the wishes and tuned the details. A drawing of the defined cable was made in which all specifications were included (see image). After Comflair's approval, the production process was started, resulting in exactly the right cables that Comflair needs for its comfort systems of recliners and sofas.

• Sufficient stock
To ensure that the desired cable can always be ordered by Comflair, Intronics keeps a fixed stock.
Short delivery times
By keeping a standard stock, the required cables can be shipped the same day and short delivery times are guaranteed.
Consistent quality
Intronics guarantees consistent quality. To ensure the high quality standards, our processes are ISO9001-2015 certified and are constantly monitored with internal and external audits.
Good communication
Comflair has a fixed contact person within Intronics, who is familiar with the equipment construction branch and who gladly thinks along in order to come to the right connectivity solution. Regular contact takes place to evaluate whether the supplied cables still meet the requirements.


“We have been working with Intronics for several years now and our experience is very positive. "I am unburdened, everything is well arranged and I feel valued as a customer. It is a company with products I can rely on" hence Jilgert Lammers.

About Comflair

Comflair is a familiy company with over 20 years of experience as supplier to the seating industry and is located in Angerlo, The Netherlands. They are specialized in components for the furniture and seating industry such as air comfort systems, seat heaters and recliner mechanisms.

About intronics

Intronics is as a value added distributor, solution provider and brand owner of ACT, specialized in advising, developing and supplying connectivity solutions applied in ICT, AV, KVM and Industry. Strongly focussed on the industrial market, Intronics offers (partial) solutions for agriculture, defence, machine manufacturing, industrial automation, equipment construction and transport. Intronics also offers customer-specific solutions for all industries.