KVM flexible workstations news studio DPG Media

KVM over IP applied in the new Actua studio of DPG Media. Monitor news from different positions and react immediately.
DPG Media in Belgium, parent company of, among others, VTM and Qmusic, wanted to renew the control room for their new ACTUA studio to achieve a higher degree of flexibility. The wish of technical staff was to make it possible to continuously work from multiple workplaces to be able to monitor and operate the core infrastructure. Intronics and system integrator Amptec were called in to do the job. An ADDERLink INFINITY solution was chosen because of the unprecedented possibilities of KVM over IP by Adder. 


The big challenge in the ACTUA studio was to, independently of the location, have access to all equipment in the server room. The solution had to be scalable and redundant. Journalists and producers efficiently want to investigate the news and immediately act it with the different platforms within DPG Media.


System integrator Amptec was already engaged to the integration and taking charge of the studio. Because of the good cooperation between Intronics and Amptec, it was no more than logical that they would search for a solution together. During the development, ADDERLink INFINITY was soon chosen. As there are frequent and occasional systems used, a hybrid solution was proposed with Adder next to it INFINITY, a link with the Adder DDX platform. Without being in it to compromise on functionality, there could be such a more complete system be provided, which was also fully within the budget.

End result

Intronics and DPG Media came into contact in April 2015 at the Intronics Roadshow KVM in Brussels. After a demo in 2016 the installation was delivered and fully configured in March 2017. On April 24 2018 the new ACTUA studio was used for the first time! The first live episode of it The Farouck detection program was broadcasted on VTM and was a fact. Furthermore the studio will broadcast topics like the Belgian local and provincial elections.

Edwin Huybrechts, unit manager ACTUA:
"Scalability is important and Adder Infinity enables us to simple and flexible expand to other projects and implement in the larger system. The cooperation between our companies went very smoothly." 

De solution is a DDX platform in combination with ADDERLink INFINITY

Advantages for this products
  • DDX has a very simple interface with multiview from the 23 sources.
  • DDX is not over IP, but extension. All servers are linked for a 'secure' KVM infrastructure.
  • DDX solution is an economically interesting choice for servers that are used less often.
What is DDX?
The Adder DDX30 is a compact KVM platform with strong functionality. With flexi port technology it is possible to scale up to 23 PCs to seven users by an unseen, simple interface. DDX exists for smaller applications but also in a 10-port solution and offers in addition to extension the possibility to mutually simple and secure can switch between different computers.

What is Adder INFINITY 
ADDERLink INFINITY is a flexible KVM platform with a range of solutions for extension and switching of video, usb, audio and serial signals over IP. The system is unlimitedly scalable and allows you to build a flexible infrastructure like you still have never before with KVM. Through a standard gigabit, layer3 network with ethernet and / or fiber ports according to your wishes and requirements.

Who is DPG Media?

DPG Media is a Belgian company and the parent company of various television and radio brands such as VTM, Q2, Vitaya, CAZ, VTMKZOOM, KADET, Stievie FREE, Qmusic, Joe, Mobile Vikings and JIM Mobile. The name refers on the one hand to the physical location where they are located (Medialaan 1 in Vilvoorde). On the other hand, it is also primarily a symbolic place. It is an avenue where nice houses are located. Houses in which radio, TV and mobile telephony are made all in the head and heart of the Fleming live. DPG Media is a world where talent and ideas reinforce each other.

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