Switching and converting video-sources in theatre

In collaboration with Intronics, universal seamless switches from tvONE have been installed in the theatres of the Dutch Institute for Sound and Vision. Thanks to these switches, employees of the Institute for Sound and Vision can easily switch between different video formats from multiple sources. Employees can manage the functionalities of the switch in several ways: via the front panel buttons or via the fully integrated touch panel.

Challenge: easily display images from different sources and formats

Sound and Vision has two theaters that are used for film performances, school, student and company events and presentations. The professional technical facilities in these rooms make it possible to set up high-quality events. However, due to problems with the existing switches, these events were not always flawless. The old switch was not compatible with the large amount of different sources. In addition, there was a need for simple operation via touch screens.

Jeroen Korsse (Coordinator Media Experience at the Dutch Institute for Sound and Vision) searched for the desired solution and found it, thanks to the built-in touch panel from tvONE.

Solution: switch between video formats with TVONE's universal seamless switcher

"As a result of a telephone conversation, Jeroen was invited to Intronics in Barneveld. We gave Jeroen a demo of the possibilities of the TVOne seamless switcher C2-8210 in our AV-Lab. We showed how this switch would function in the theaters of Sound and Vision The explanation and technical possibilities in the AV lab played a major role in Jeroens choice." explains Thomas Rouw (Business Development Manager at Intronics).

Jeroen Korsse explains his choice: "With this universal seamless switch I can switch and convert between multiple analog and digital video formats. The system has eight DVI-U input modules, two DVI-U output modules and three 3G / HD / SD-SDI input and output modules. With these modules I can work with all video formats used by us. The ability to select the DVI-U inputs for almost any PC or HDTV resolution has been decisive in my choice for the C2-8210 from tvONE. This is because the person who gives a presentation or organizes an event almost always brings his own device with a different resolution. With the TVONE switch, this is no longer a problem."  

Result: the tvONE switch shows presentations with the touch of one button

The TVONE switch has a 19 inch 1U rack format and is installed in the control rooms of the two rooms. Users can control the functionalities of the switch in several ways: via the front panel buttons or via the existing fully integrated touch panel. One press of the button starts the presentation or shows a video.

The tvONE switch was installed mid-2016, since then presentations and events run smoothly. On the days that there are no events planned, visual material will be played for the visitors of the institute. "Thanks to the new switch, the system is so stable that we have decided to make a work instruction for all employees, so that everyone can start the system on the days when no events are planned. This creates more flexibility internally. ", Jeroen Korsse concludes.  

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tvONE is specialist in video processing and expert in audio/video signal distribution and conversion. tvONE focuses on professional users of video applications.

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