Waterproof connector in electrical motorbike storm

STORM, The Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) student team, has managed to develop and produce an electric touring motorcycle that is able to travel a distance of up to 380 kilometers without recharging.

The team will be riding this motorcycle around the world in 80 days in 2016 during its ‘STORM World Tour’.

The idea: sustainable transport is 'cool!'

"For a long time, electric vehicles had a dull image. Many people still think that you are only able to travel only a few kilometers and then have to recharge. We want to prove otherwise and so the idea for an electric touring motorcycle arose", says Maartje Verhoek (External Relations STORM). 

The result: a sleek and streamlined looking electric touring motorcycle equipped with a 28.5 kWh modular battery pack!

The implementation of the idea certainly succeeded with this motorcycle. Due to the sleek design, its efficiency, quietness and the range of up to 380 kilometers, an example of how electric vehicles should be. Everything was thought up and done by the STORM team in-house. To realize the ideas, STORM contacted leading companies and suppliers in the field of engineering, automotive and (tele)communications.

It was a challenge to properly connect the battery pack, consisting of 24 individual cartridges. Robustness, ease of connection and protection against dust and water were an absolute requirement. "With the help of Intronics we found a SUB-D solution at CONEC, a german manufacturer. Power and data run through a waterproof connector," Maartje Verhoek explains.

STORM has a tight schedule to be able to start the World Tour with two motorcycles and a total of 200 battery packs and is feeling the time pressure. Therefore, close collaboration with partners and suppliers is extremely important for the team. STORM regularly organizes events to inform its partners and suppliers about the progress of the project. Ilona Meijer, Accountmanager at Intronics says: "Its a pleasure to work with a team of enthusiastic people with so much passion for their project.

Follow STORM during the World Tour

On 14 August 2016, the STORM World Tour started in Eindhoven, in which STORM toured the world in 80 days to promote the image of sustainable transport. Television presenter and motorcyclist Rick Nieman was, as ambassador of the project, one of the guest speakers.

On www.storm-eindhoven.com you can see the route taken and some impressive photos of the tour.

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