AV solutions in broadcast

Bring production to life with our av video processing solutions. Intronics thinks along with you about the development and realization of the various productions. One of our most popular video processing solutions is tvONE's CORIOmaster2. The CORIOmaster is a versatile, cost-effective and easy-to-use stand-alone video processor for creating high-impact video experiences.
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What have we done in the past?

Virtual video-3D decor RTL livetheater

In the theater world virtual 3D decors are on the rise, with their unlimited possibilities AV projection is a very popular technique that can lift the stage of any type of performance to a higher level with minimal delay. With a projection system including TV One's CORIOmaster, RTL Live Entertainment is a leader in their industry.

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AV solutions

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What do we do for an AV system integrator?

Through years of experience in the professional AV world, Intronics thinks in solutions, not in products.
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What do we do for an IT system integrator?

Intronics is a value added distributor for ICT connectivity for more than 35 years.
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Our AV professionals are ready to help

We are in direct contact with our manufacturers. Let us know if you need additional information or help while choosing a suitable solution.

For more information, please contact us:
Tel.nr.: +32 (0)14/220 334
E-mail: sales@intronics.be