Connectivity network solutions

Network solutions

We provide connectivity network solutions for an efficient, scalable and secure network. Our solutions are network cabling, patch panels, PDUs and network cabinets. With our network solutions, we focus on the installer, automation and system integrator. Our network connectivity is applied in business premises, data centers and server rooms.

Our connectivity network solutions

We are specialized in network connections between switches and servers. Our goal is to get the most performance out of the network with the right connectivity. You can contact us for various network solutions.

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Network cabling copper

More than 80% of all errors in networks and fiber optic networks are caused by cabling failures. Companies that depend on excellent network performance usually invest in the best brands and products in active equipment. However, the most important thing, the cabling, is often forgotten.
The traditional copper network cable is used as structured cabling in a building and to connect a workplace to the network. Fiber optic is the best solution for a server room.

Network cabling fiber

The right fiber optic patch cable is essential for a stable network. But how do you choose the right patch cable? What should you pay attention to? Which fiber optic patch cable is suitable for your application? Intronics tells you what you need to know to find the right cable.

Structured copper network cabling for the construction of a company network

Multimedia Connect offers structured cabling solutions and has been an internationally renowned brand for decades. In addition to the use of high quality cables and components, correct installation, especially with increasing speeds, is crucial. Correct installation is guaranteed if your network is certified by Multimedia Connect. Multimedia Connect offers 25-year warranty if the network is installed by a certified installer.

ACT network accessories such as patch panels

ACT is known for the high-quality copper and fiber optic cables. You can find these ACT cables in many networks, server rooms and data centers. ACT also supplies a complete range of network accessories such as patch panels, keystones and cable management.

ACT Fiber Kit: prefab fiber optic cables and patch cables custom made and labeled

Would you also like to save on personnel costs by faster installation of prefab fiber optic cables and patch cables in a data center? Less chance of errors when installing prefab fiber optic cables and patch cables in a data center because all products are packed per corridor?

To help you we have developed an ACT Fiber Kit: prefab fiber optic cables, MTP / MPO cables and patch cables custom made and ready for use.

Compatible transceivers

Intronics, together with Skylane Optics, supplies a complete portfolio of fiber optic transceivers. These optical transceivers also called SFP modules or mini GBIC modules. Optical transceivers are used to connect swiches and servers through glass. The fiber optic modules can be encoded for compatibility with the A-brand network switches and servers.

Server and network cabinets

We supply an extensive range of server and network cabinets from Rittal and Minkels where flexibility, durability and service are leading. Please contact us for more information.


What is the difference between a basic and an intelligent PDU? Why is choosing the right PDU so important? A basic PDU is a power supply that can be mounted horizontally and vertically in a 19 ”cabinet. Plenty Basic PDUs are easy to use and can even be customized in small series. Compared to intelligent PDUs, purchase costs and installation costs are relatively low. Plenty's Aluminum PDUs are modular and can be equipped with one or more control or protection modules, such as an Amperé meter and automatic circuit breaker.

Intelligent PDUs offer more than just power, such as remote power metering and switching, environmental sensors, physical and network security and data center infrastructure management.

Power cables

Power cables are essential for the smooth operation of a data center. ACT specializes in power cables for use in data centers.

Power cables from IECLock are unique. The patented connectors of IECLock and IECLock + will protect your equipment against power failures, which increases operational reliability. Lockable power cords, how does it work? Plug the connector into the standard IEC inlet and it is locked in position. The connector cannot accidentally be pulled or vibrated out of the inlet. Slide back the red tab to release and remove the connector from the inlet.

Datacenter special

In the Datacenter Special you can read more about custom made cabling, cable management and choosing the right PDU power supply. You will also find different products suitable for the data center, such as DAC cables and transceivers, fiber optic, copper and power cables.

Fiber Optic Course - Your fiber knowledge up to date in 1 day!

What are the latest innovations in fiber optics? What kind of optical fiber techniques and materials are you working with? What type of cables and connectors are available? How is fiberglass assembled and tested? The above questions are increasingly more relevant to our customers.

To help you answering these questions, we are organizing a fiber optics course for our clients. The Intronics fiberoptics Course provides you with the basic knowledge you need to have to be able to give the best advice in fiberoptics trajectories. You will learn more about the various fiber techniques and materials, what the options are and how to put i tinto practise. In addition, we are going to test the glass fiber in combination with hardware.

Our professionals are ready to help

Our professionals are ready to help you. Please let us know if you need additional information or assistance in choosing a suitable solution.

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