IPTV system offers more flexibility office RTL

Within RTL in Hilversum, the need arose to replace the old CAI system in the office with a flexible and digital IPTV system. The old system was analogue, not flexible and not scalable.
RTL contacted its system integrator HTC International, who called in the expertise of Intronics for a suitable total solution. RTL, like Endemol and Omroep Gelderland, was convinced of the Exterity IPTV system. Nowadays RTL News and RTL Z receive all incoming content via the IPTV system from Exterity and distribute it to individual clients within RTL.

Challenge: easy channel distribution and better picture quality than analog CAI system

RTL was looking for a simpler system for the distribution of channels with better image quality. In the building of RTL Hilversum there was a CAI system for transmitting audio and video signals, which had a number of disadvantages. The CAI system. was not flexible and scalable enough to manage and distribute the incoming content in a simple manner. Since the image signal was delivered and distributed via an analog system, the image quality was not satisfactory.

Hank van de Loo, Technical Manager at RTL, was looking for an IPTV system to distribute the television signals from various channels within RTL in Hilversum. "The system used was out of date and the most important wish was better image quality. During my search for a suitable solution, I looked at the solution at Endemol. At Endemol they're very satisfied about the system. ", Adds Hank.

Exterity's IPTV system: flexible, scalable and cost-saving via the existing network infrastructure

Following the visit to Endemol and after reading the case study from Omroep Gelderland, RTL reported to Intronics via its system integrator HTC International. After a meeting with the professionals of Intronics, a solution with an Exterity IPTV system was chosen. "One of the advantages of an IPTV Exterity system is the scalability, you can easily expand it. Despite the many advantages, I still wondered whether the IPTV system from Exterity would be suitable for RTL, because we have to deal with a dedicated company network."

Fortunately, this proved to be no obstacle for Exterity. The Exterity IPTV system uses the existing infrastructure, namely the internal IP network (LAN). The desire was to keep the company network and content separate from the RTL Master Control Room without using too much bandwidth. Ferry Korzinek from HTC International explains: "This manufacturer has a unique receiver with a 4-port switch in its portfolio and it determines which network channel it wants to connect to, also known as VLAN tagging. Separate networks share the physical hardware such as switches and cabling, which is cost-effective. Use is made of a multicast data stream, the use of bandwidth on the network is limited. Regardless of the number of clients receiving the data stream, the multicast data stream requires the same amount of bandwidth as a single unicast data stream with the same content .”

Result: delivering the best news through Exterity's IPTV through optimal content distribution

All audio and video content is delivered from the RTL Master Control Room (MCR). Diverse sources, like news channels from all over the world, as well as individual correspondents via a livestream. This MCR is the spider in the web where the signals are monitored and then sent to studios and editorial floors. The IPTV solution makes sure all content is served at the right time to the right people.

The complete installation of the solution was carried out by HTC International, Intronics provided pre-sales advice, training and configuration support. During the implementation, Intronics remained involved in the process by advising and adjusting where necessary. Technical know-how is constantly being exchanged

About HTC International

HTC International, as a system integrator, specializes in providing total packages of telematics, networking, telecom, various special video and data applications and network-related ICT. In addition, with its broad product and service package, HTC International can provide you with all your business communication needs. For more information, visit their website. www.htcinternational.nl

What is IPTV

Internet protocol Television (IPTV) is a collective name for services and applications that enable TV viewing over the Internet Protocol, allowing you to use an existing IP network for distributing TV and radio channels, videos, digital signage. and internet content.
Intronics supplies Exterity's  user-friendly and scalable IPTV system. An IPTV solution from Exterity uses the power of video to communicate via your IP network, in coporate, education or the entertainment industry. Exterity solutions enable organizations to display video in any format on multiple devices.

Applications IPTV systems

Below you can find a few examples of IPTV applications:
  • Offices
  • (Football) stadiums
  • Care centers
  • Hotels
  • Theaters

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