IPTV system for workstations Endemol

Intronics has provided 700 workstations at Endemol with television reception with IPTV from Exterity. Exterity's IPTV system offers great benefits. The existing infrastructure is used, internal IP network (LAN), without loss of quality. All different signals are converted by Exterity into the same shape. Signals are encoded from the studios and the satellite signals are repackaged correctly via a gateway. Exterity's IPTV ensures that the various incoming signals are bundled in one form and sent to the LAN. In this way, Endemol employees receive all desired TV channels via the network cable.

Receive and distribute flawlessly multiple signals from various sources

Endemol, developer and producer of television entertainment and interactive networks, has about 700 television connections in one office. But how does such a network with multiple signals and hundreds of connections ensure an optimal reception, even in the future? MK2 Audiovisual, an audio video system integrator, has chosen to consult Intronics and to use the IPTV system from Exterity. In 2010 Endemol established a new office in Amsterdam, and was keen to install a cutting edge communications system, able to receive content from multiple sources, deliver information through digital signage (to 700 workplaces) and scale to, meet the organisation’s unique needs. "Our employees must have access to the regular television channels coming from satellite signals, the fiber optics signals from Hilversum and the signals from the studios in Amsterdam. Endemol is very dynamic. During large productions, more offices are occupied than in quiet periods. It must be possible for anyone from anywhere to have a television connection "- Marc Mul, Technical Manager Post Production at Endemol.

Intronics offers IPTV system from Exterity

Intronics, together with MK2, has created an innovative system for Endemol that matches their wishes and needs. Leon van Deurzen, Product Manager at MK2's Innovation & Advice department: "We wanted to offer a solution that guarantees quality and responds to the flexible and future-oriented needs of Endemol. We found the solution in an IPTV system from Exterity. " 

User-friendly IPTV system for customized television reception; watch on laptops, computers and via screens

Endemol can switch between TV channels in three different ways. Using client software on computers and laptops, employees can determine the input on their own screen. Behind the TV screens, which are located in the building, there are Set Top Boxes (STBs) installed, this makes it possible to switch between channels with a remote control. TV channels are clearly displayed in a channel list. A central management application has been developed so that TVs can be controlled and managed from one central point. Endemol also wants to use narrowcasting, also known as digital signage, for the internal distribution of viewing figures and other information.

Exterity also converts this input into a suitable TV signal that is included in the channel list. Marc Mul: "In fact, we are now distributing four signals via the system. Due to the flexibility of this system, that is fortunately not a problem. "The signals can also be sent in HD if necessary. The modular construction and HD performance make the system future proof. "With Exterity and the link with the STBs we offer the advantage that the various modules and TVs can be managed via a single management platform," says Leon van Deurzen. 

What is IPTV

Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) is a collective name for services and applications that enable TV viewing over the Internet Protocol, allowing you to use an existing IP network for distributing TV and radio channels, videos, digital signage. and internet content.
Intronics supplies Exterity's user-friendly and scalable IPTV system. An IPTV solution from Exterity uses the power of video to communicate via your IP network, in coporate, education or the entertainment industry. Exterity solutions enable organizations to display video in any format on multiple devices.

Applications IPTV systems

Below you can find a few examples of IPTV applications:
  • Offices
  • (Football) stadiums
  • Care centers
  • Hotels
  • Theaters 

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The AV Lab is used for pre- and after-sales support such as:
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