Remote KVM solutions

Remote means that KVM switching is possible from anywhere in the world. Remotely, you make a secure connection to your critical computer hardware on your PC or other device.
Advantages of Remote KVM:
• Access to the computer from anywhere in the world
• Make each KVM switch remotely accessible
• User access management for multiple profiles
• High performance video

KVM department

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Our suppliers in Remote KVM solutions:

Adder: Specialist in extension, switching and splitting for KVM solutions
With 35 years of experience in the development and production of connectivity solutions, Adder Technlogy is market leader in high-performance KVM extension and switching. KVM switching technology from Adder is used by control room administrators to access and manage multiple computers from a single workstation - often in a fast and mission-critical situation. Adder's KVM extenders help operators working in extreme and hazardous environments to access their critical computers from a secure and remote location.
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IHSE: High-quality KVM and extension solutions
IHSE delivers high quality, secure KVM control room matrices and extension solutions. IHSE solutions are used in high-end environments where reliability and switching speeds are crucial. IHSE's KVM solutions have been developed and manufactured at the head office in Germany for 30 years. Switches for operating and switching between computers and workstations, extenders for lossless signal transmission. IHSE products are known for their quality, easy handling and transmission speeds. The control room solutions are used in, among others, broadcast, post production, healthcare, transport and control rooms.
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Schematic drawing: Remote KVM

The schematic drawing shows several workstations (including a mouse, keyboard and monitor). These workstations are connected with one or more computers (PCs). To securely access computer systems remotely, Intronics has two different solutions. The Draco SIRA CON from IHSE and Adder Technology Ipeps+. Both solutions give you access to the company network from home, via IP. If desired, the Draco SIRA connects you directly via internet to an IHSE matrix extender or computer. The Ipeps+ gives you IP access to a single computer or multiple computers, via an IP based KVM network.

Examples of Remote KVM solutions:

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ADDERLink™ ipeps 
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KVM solutions are tested in our own KVM test lab

The KVM team focuses on the professional KVM market. Through years of experience in the professional KVM world, Intronics thinks in terms of solutions, not in products. We know the market, give independent advice and provide several solutions for meeting rooms. These solutions are tested in their own fully equipped AV test lab. The KVM Lab is used for pre- and after-sales support such as:
• Testing of products
• Construction of proof of concepts
• Research & Development
• Beta testing of your solution
• Developing central knowledge

KVM solutions

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Our KVM professionals are ready to help

We are in direct contact with our manufacturers. Let us know if you need additional information or help while choosing a suitable solution.

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