Video wall control systems with KVM capabilities

With VuWall's video wall control system, we offer a combination of video wall and KVM solutions where all content can be easily visualized on any screen. VuWall solutions are effective and user-friendly. With VuWall solutions, you create an effective distribution of any source type to any display or video wall throughout entire organisations. 

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Intronics official distributor of VuWall

Intronics is official distributor of VuWall’s video wall control systems. VuWall is a leading
manufacturer and developer of video wall solutions. As Intronics, we are pleased to add VuWall to our KVM product range. Now we can serve our customers even better and offer a more complete and wider range.
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Central management platform: TRx™

TRx™ is a single software platform that can distribute AV-over-IP content and provide advanced video wall management, bringing organizations the most effective distribution of visual information from any source to any display or video wall.

TRx, powered VuTrex™ technology, bridges AV, IT and IP systems with a hybrid and standards-based interoperable approach, to seamlessly manage and control any visual content across any display or video wall. TRx can manage and control VuWall's interoperable ecosystem of products including their video wall controllers, encoders and decoders and also offers KVM capabilities with third-party integrations with KVM suppliers such as  IHSE and Adder.

Why choose VuWall video wall control systems for KVM applications?

VuWall video wall control systems offer the following advantages:
• Interoperable: future proof, open standard, hybrid technology.
• Scalable: modular architecture and upgrade/grow deployment without reprogramming.
• Ease of use: intuitive drag & drop and central platform.
• Reduce Project Risk: less deployment time, single vendor solution that bridges AV & IT (with encoders, decoders, streaming servers, etc.) and no programming required for all visualization configurations

Where are VuWall solutions applied?

VuWall video wall solutions are used in a wide range of industries, including control rooms, government, corporate, defence, security, offshore, transport, healthcare and education.
KVM videowall control systems are applied by:

•  End users: Control Room Supervisors & Operators AV,IT, Security Departments
•  AV system Integrators
•  KVM system Integrators
•  Technology partners
End users: Control Room Supervisors & Operators AV,IT, Security Departments
AV and KVM Integrators
Technology partners

KVM solutions are tested in our own KVM test lab

The KVM team focuses on the professional KVM market. Through years of experience in the professional KVM world, Intronics thinks in terms of solutions, not in products. We know the market, give independent advice and provide several solutions for meeting rooms. These solutions are tested in their own fully equipped AV test lab. The KVM Lab is used for pre- and after-sales support such as:
• Testing of products
• Construction of proof of concepts
• Research & Development
• Beta testing of your solution
• Developing central knowledge

KVM solutions

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We are in direct contact with our manufacturers. Let us know if you need additional information or help while choosing a suitable solution.

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