KVM control room workstations alarm center

System integrator Inter Visual Systems in collaboration with Intronics has equipped 11 workstations of the Securitas Operations Center with KVM control room solutions. The number of workstations has been expanded and a more efficient alarm handling has been realized with one mouse and one keyboard.

Challenge: Expanding and working the Securitas Operations Center

The Securitas Operations Center consists of: a Control room, the Video Monitoring Center, the High Security Room and the Dispatch Center. All alarm notifications from both business and private customers arrive at the Operations Center. During the renovation of the Securitas Operations Center, the need arose to optimize the workplaces.

The two main reasons were: to provide a good service to the growing customer base and to work more efficiently. The Securitas Operations Center is the core of the total service. The value of the center had to be reflected in the look and feel of the new alarm center.

Solution: operation with one keyboard and one mouse

To find a suitable solution for Securitas, Inter Visual Systems has brought a number of visits to Intronics. Bart Groot, Account Manager at Inter Visual Systems explains: "Based on our wishes, Intronics has developed various solutions that increase efficiency and save costs.

The choice fell on the Draco U-Switch of the KVM brand IHSE because the source systems are operated with only one keyboard and mouse. The IHSE Draco U-Switch automatically switches the mouse between sources. This efficiently manages all applications and incoming camera streams. With hot-key combinations, operators easily switch between different systems."

Result: four programs on one monitor in 4K UHD quality

There are two 43 inch monitors with 4K UDH resolution per workstation. This allows operators to view 4 programs per screen, without edges between the programs.

Wouter Claessens, Project Manager at Securitas, explains: "Working with this new technique is considered pleasant and offers added value for the operator. Our ultimate wish is to equip all workplaces with this technique." 

About Securitas

The Securitas alarm center is in the top 3 of the largest PACs in the Netherlands, focusing on 4 segments; the Control Room, the Video Monitoring Center, the High Security Room and the Dispatch Center. Alarm systems are monitored from the Control room, alarms are processed and verified via video connection. Active video services are provided at the Video Monitoring Center. Based on established protocols, the alarm center can remotely verify alarm reports generated by the camera and monitor them in the event of calamities. The High Security Room monitors high-risk housing, buildings, objects, cars and people. Every customer in the High Security Room has specific security needs. In addition to the high priority that applies to the alarm notifications for these subscriptions, each follow-up protocol is drawn up in consultation with the customer. The mobile invigilators are controlled from the Dispatch Center. In addition to this management, they also monitor the safety of the invigilators and the guards on location.

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