Preterm cables

Preterm cables

Preterm cables: Preterminated fiber optic installation cables on stock
ACT preterm cables, which is short for preterminated cables, are fiber optic installation cables with  connectors already attached. No tooling is required for the installation. ACT preterm cables are available in the following variants:
  • 4/8 fibers and LC connectors suited for indoor / outdoor use.
  • 24 fibers and LC polarity twist connectors indoor cables for datacenter applications.
  • 12/24/48 fibers and MTP/MPO connectors indoor cables for datacenter applications.
Our ACT preterm cables are available from stock so you can start your installation right away. The last two variants are for datacenters applications. What does this mean and why are these cables so suited for datacenters? Read the rest of this article to find out.

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Suitable for point-to-point and structured cabling

ACT fiber optic preterm cables are suitable for both point-to-point and structured cabling.

Point-to-point cabling
Point-to-point cabling means that equipment is directly connected to each other.

Structured cabling
Structured cabling, also called fixed cabling, involves the use of panels, installation and patch cabling. By using a staggered fanout, the preterm fiber optic cables are easy to connect to both patch panels and equipment such as switches, servers and storage.

ACT preterm fiber optic installation cables: flexible, scalable and suitable for fast MAC (Moves, Adds and Changes)

When designing a cabling system in a data center, flexibility and scalability are of great importance. In data centers and server rooms Moves, Adds and Changes regularly take place. The use of preterm fiber optic installation cables is an excellent solution due to its compact size and polarity twist connectors.

ACT preterm cables with 24 fibers and polarity twist connectors

By choosing for ACT preterm cables with 24 fibers your data center is future proof. The preterm fiber optic cables are equipped with LC polarity twist connectors.

Polarity twist connectors offer several advantages:
•The polarity of the two fibers can be adjusted within seconds. You achieve this by twisting the outside of the connector.  
•Reducing the number of fanout cables by half.
•Thinner fanout cables, 2mm instead of 3mm thick a saving of 33%.
In addition to the polarity twist connectors, our ACT fiber optic installation cables have a divisible cable gland. For direct connection of equipment, point-to-point, in most cases no cable gland is needed. In 19" panels, however, a cable gland is often used to fix fiber optic cable. With the divisible cable gland you can easily add a cable gland.

A diameter of 6.5mm and the fanouts of 2mm make the installation cable compact and robust.

Save space with preterms: Up to 50% more capacity thanks to ultra compact cable

Due to their small diameter, ACT preterm cables are suitable for high density connections in data centers and server rooms. Because of our design of ultra compact cables with thin diameter, you can put up to 50% more cables in the fiber raceway / cableduct or in your 19" cabinet. This provides better scalability and flexibility for future network expansions.

Use of ultra compact ACT fiber optic cables in a data center.

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