Privacy Policy Intronics Belgium

Update July 2020

We think privacy is an important matter and we care about your privacy. In this statement we will explain to you how we ensure your privacy is protected.

The legal address of Intronics Belgium is Herenthoutseweg 236, 2200, Herentals. Intronics Belgium is a tradingname of Inec N.V.

What do we see as personal data?

Any data you send to us can be personal data. Like your name, address, email address and telephone number, any data that can directly or indirectly lead to a natural individual is personal data. During your visit at an Intronics website, technical details like your device’s IP address, information from which internet site you have entered our website and which browser you use, is collected.

Purposes for processing your personal data

Intronics Belgium processes your personal data to be able to:

  • Send our newsletters and/or catalogs
  • Send business process related emails
  • Call you for business related matters
  • Inform you about (changes in) products and services
  • Create your account
  • Ship goods and provide related services
  • Analyse how you use our website to improve it and offer relevant services and products based on your preferences.
Intronics Belgium also processes personal data if we are legally obliged by law. 

Cookies and other tracking techniques

Intronics Belgium makes use of functional and analytical tracking cookies. A cookie is a small file downloaded onto your computer the moment you access a page of a website. The cookie is stored on your device by your browser. Intronics Belgium uses cookies for the technical operation of the website. For example, to store certain preferences.

Intronics Belgium uses Google Analytics on our website to keep track of site visits, below some examples of what is being tracked:

  • Register the number of visitors
  • Analyzing the most viewed pages
  • Time spent on a page
  • Analyzing the clicks from email and social media campaigns
  • Analyzing which files are downloaded
Google Enhanced e-commerce tracking is used to analyze the way you use our website to improve our website and to be able to offer you services and products based on your preferences. To ensure privacy of the tracked subjects, you, Google’s Data Processing Amendment for Google Analytics is in place, we accepted and are conforming to the amendment. Also, the last octet of tracked IP-address has been hidden, the option ‘data sharing’ has been switched off. Intronics BV does not make use of other services of Google in combination with Google Analytics cookies.

Intronics Belgium does not use your personal data and/or does not provide it to third parties in order to display advertisements on other websites in the name of Intronics Belgium.

Third party cookies

On our website cookies can be placed by third parties like social media companies like YouTube. YouTube for example make use of tracking cookies placed on our website. On the Intronics Belgium websites, third party content like embedded YouTube videos is used. This way, YouTube also places tracking cookies.

We want inform you as clearly as possible and ask for your consent. On your first visit of our website we also inform you about the use of cookies and asked for your consent.

Browser settings

You can use your computer’s browser settings to delete previously stored cookies and prevent new cookies from being stored. The method used for storing cookies depends on the type of browser; you can use your browser’s help function if necessary. Rejecting and/or deleting cookies only has an effect on the computer and the browser on which you perform this act. If you are using multiple computers and/or browsers, you must repeat the act(s) described above as often as necessary.

Collecting and processing personal data of visitor under the age of the 16

Our website and services do not intent to collect personal data of visitors younger than 16 years old. Unless the visitor consent is given or authorized by the holder of parental responsibility over the child. If you think we have collected data without this consent, please contact us via

Technical support

Part of the services offered by Intronics Belgium is technical support, on-site or remote. To provide the actual technical support, personal data is not necessary and Intronics Belgium will therefore not process personal data. Intronics Belgium cannot guarantee we will not encounter personal data when providing support.

When personal data is an inevitable result of the collection of technical support data, Intronics Belgium will sign a processing agreement to guarantee your personal data is processed only to provide technical support.

Remote support

To provide remote support, Intronics Belgium uses Teamviewer. Meaning that next to the privacy policy of Intronics Belgium, the privacy policy of Teamviewer is also applicable

Teamviewer does not collect any content data of the sessions. This is technically not possible, the data being exchanged between you and Intronics Belgium is encrypted. Teamviewer ID and IP adresses are being collected by Teamviewer.

For more information, see

Access to, correcting and erasing your personal data

You should have control over your privacy and personal data. By law, this means you have the right to access, correct and to erase your personal own data. You also have the right to withdraw the permissions we received or to restrict the use of your personal data by Intronics Belgium. You also do have the right for data portability.

If you wish to view, correct, erase or transfer your data, please send a request to

To ensure your personal data and privacy is protected, we need to verify the requesters identity. To do this, we ask you to send a copy of your ID. Please make sure you mask your photo, MZR zone, the zone at the bottom of the ID and your Dutch BSN or your Belgium Rijksregister number. Again, this is to ensure your privacy.

We would like to point out that you do have the right to send a complaint regarding your privacy protection by us to the Dutch DPA using this link

How we protect your personal data

Data protection is an important part of protecting your privacy which Intronics Belgium takes very seriously. Organizational, technical and legal measures are in place to prevent abuse, loss, unauthorized access, unauthorized disclosure and unauthorized processing. Intronics Belgium is using service providers and other companies for processing data, like email campaigns, hosting and facilitating support. If you suspect that your personal data is not being carefully secured or is being misused, please do contact us at 

Updating our privacy statement

We reserve the right to update our website privacy statement without asking consent. Updating can be needed due to new functionality of our website or for legal reasons.