VuWall VuScape video wall control at Rengineers

Rengineers is a full-service provider of wind turbines and everything related to renewable energy solutions. For their new premises, they were looking for a customised control room solution. They contacted RDJ AV for help and information. RDJ AV is specialised in rental, supply, installation and maintenance of audiovisual installations. The choice was made for a Q-lite video wall controlled by the VuScape server from VuWall as a video processor. For the purchase of the VuScape video processor, RDJ AV contacted Intronics. Intronics is a certified distributor of VuWall.

Case study

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Challenge: A flexible and easy-to-use customised control room solution that was quickly available

In their former building, Rengineers used a video wall consisting of 10 screens with separate computers, controlled by a matrix. This solution did not allow freedom to arrange the video wall as required and did not give the desired appearance. The requirement for the new building was a video wall consisting of one screen, where all applications could run centrally and which could be set up as required. The appearance was also important here. An additional challenge was the delivery time. Rengineers wanted the video wall installed and operational upon completion of the new premises.

Solution: VuScape server from VuWall

RDJ AV was already familiar with VuWall from trade shows and after some research online and watching videos about the VuScape, Ronald de Jeu (owner of RDJ AV) became convinced of the potential of the VuScape server. Intronics is listed on the VuWall website as a distributor. Since RDJ AV was already familiar with Intronics, contact with Intronics' AV/KVM department was quickly made. "What was very nice was that I was able to view the system in the Intronics' AV/KVM test lab. This gave me more clarity on how the system works," said Ronald de Jeu. The choice of VuScape from VuWall was then quickly made. Despite the fact that the VuScape video processor is not an out-of-the-box system and the system's setup and scripting took a lot of time and effort, the implementation went smoothly. This was thanks to the support received from VuWall and the fact that VuWall's documentation was spot on. Unfortunately, the VuScape video processor could not be delivered before the completion of the building of Rengineers. A temporary machine, supplied by Intronics, provided the solution. "This flexible solution was much appreciated," says Ronald de Jeu.

Result: A flexible and easy-to-use control room solution

The result is a huge video wall measuring 14 by 2 metres, which is driven by a VuWall VuScape video processor, allowing images to be displayed fully synchronised across the screen. The easy-to-use touchscreen allows quick retrieval of all information. Thus, information can be shared quickly from four workstations. Also a presentation can be given wirelessly on the video wall. In addition, adjustments can be made down to pixel level. Rengineers is very satisfied with the flexibility, the appearance and the user-friendliness of the solution offered.

About Rengineers

Rengineers is a full-service provider with a strong focus on wind turbines and everything else related to renewable energy solutions. Besides revision, repair and turn-key projects, they also provide total solutions in the field of renewable energy. Solution-oriented work and preventive service is at the heart of their approach.

About RDJ AV

RDJ AV supplies and rents out audiovisual installations. They know how important it is that technology always works properly. They are committed to smart and future-proof solutions: solid, reliable, flexible and easy to operate. Projects are realised at companies, schools, churches and sports accommodations, among others.

About Intronics

Intronics is official certified distributor of the video wall control systems of VuWall, a leading manufacturer and developer in the field of video wall solutions. This offers the advantage that the lines with VuWall are short and Intronics has the required knowledge of the VuWall systems. In addition, Intronics has its own AV/KVM test lab, where demos can be provided.  

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