All-in-one video recording and streaming system implemented in training rooms METS Center

Case study

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Epiphan Pearl Mini, beating heart in debriefing system METS Center

In collaboration with AV AT LAST, Intronics has successfully implemented the all-in-one video recording and streaming system from Epiphan in the training and simulation rooms of the METS Center.

The METS Center in Bilthoven is a leading training and simulation center for healthcare professionals, an expert in simulation education and a trainer of instructors and facilitators for more than 15 years. The center has five simulation rooms (Emergency Room, OR, A&E, ICU and Paediatric ICU). Niels van Krieken, METS Center Technical Education Assistant, explains: "In our high-end simulation rooms, we can train trainees in a variety of scenarios. Both camera images and data from the lifelike simulation dummies are recorded so they can be evaluated with the trainees afterwards."

Challenge: Video recording, streaming and switching solution

A new total video recording, streaming and switching solution was needed in METS Center's training rooms. This system had to be able to integrate with the simulation dummies already in place. Erno van Vliet, METS Center Technical Education Assistant: "The new system naturally had to be reliable and stable. In addition, trainers should be able to easily operate the system." Niels van Krieken adds: "Besides the existing functionality, we also had additional requirements such as being able to switch between different layouts and video sources, integration with existing systems and being able easily to make specific settings."

"The use of video footage can provide additional insight into performance.
During interdisciplinary team training, it works enlightening,
because seeing it allows you to actually analyse how a situation arises."

Solution: All-in-one video system Epiphan Pearl Mini

In the past, Erno already had good experiences with Epiphan Video, which is why during market research he quickly came across Intronics as an official distributor of Epiphan Video.

Ben Franken, Technical Sales Engineer Intronics: "During a visit to the METS Center to map the needs and introduce Niels and Erno to the Epiphan Pearl systems, it soon became clear that other items such as various cameras and a NAS server were also needed to modernise the system. For this, in consultation with Niels and Erno, I contacted Mark from AV AT LAST, certified Epiphan dealer."

During the subsequent system design process, it quickly became clear that the Epiphan Pearl Mini (an all-in-one video recording, streaming and switching system) best suited the customer's needs, partly because of the 7-inch touchscreen on the Pearl Mini. This touchscreen makes it easy to start and stop recordings, and the right layout can also be easily selected. Once the recording is complete, the Pearl Mini automatically sends the file to the NAS server as required.

"In our experience, reliability and user-friendliness of an AV system are crucial.
Failures and cumbersome operation are hugely frustrating for everyone."

Decisive: Proof of Concept

With support from Intronics, AV AT LAST provided a Proof of Concept. This way, METS Center could compare different video systems and make a solid choice. Mark van der Last of AV AT LAST: "I can always count on Intronics, whether it is for advice, support or providing demo equipment." Eventually, training was conducted with a test setup in two simulation rooms (ICU and A&E).

Result: Simulation rooms equipped with Epiphan Pearl Mini

All five simulation rooms have been equipped with the new debriefing system with the Epiphan Pearl Mini as the crucial link. "Everything has been working satisfactorily for some time already. Both clients and instructors are enthusiastic," say Niels van Krieken and Erno van Vliet.

About METS Center

The METS Center is a leading training and simulation centre for healthcare professionals. The simulation centre in Bilthoven has high-tech simulation rooms (Control Room, OR, SEH, ICU and Paediatric ICU) in which students are trained in a highly realistic environment by highly trained instructors who also work in practice. This actively contributes to promoting patient safety throughout the healthcare chain.


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About Intronics

Intronics is official distributor of Epiphan Video, supplier of hardware and software solutions in the field of Audio/Video. This offers the advantage that the lines of communication with Epiphan Video are short and Intronics has the required knowledge of the Epiphan Video systems. Intronics can also provide demos for the customer.

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