KVM broadcast live from the mobile studio at TalpaRadio

A unique mobile radio studio has been designed within TalpaRadio to broadcast live from a location. This studio is quickly set up on location and designed in such a way that the DJ can fully focus on the event. In cooperation with Intronics, a KVM system from Adder has been installed in this mobile radio studio.

Since October 1, 2016 the radio stations 538, Radio 10, Sky Radio and Radio Veronica form one group: TalpaRadio. All radio stations are located under one roof on the Bergweg in Hilversum. The TalpaRadio group reaches more than 7 million Dutch people per week. In addition to music, news and interesting facts, the programming is supplemented by various live events.

Challenge: from vision to reality

Jaap van de Steeg, Broadcast Engineer at TalpaRadio, says: “In the past, we have traveled across the globe with several mobile studios to attend and broadcast live events. By using and moving the equipment a lot such a studio can only be used for about 5 years. One of my biggest wishes was to develop and set up a mobile studio. I have a lot of contact with the DJs and know what they need. As an engineer, you want to fulfill the wishes of your users and realize your own vision. In addition to the technical aspects, the appearance of a studio plays an ever-increasing role, because with Visual Radio the listeners are increasingly watching. Considering the technical possibilities and the appearance of our studio we soon came to the following conclusion; our mobile radio studio needed a makeover.” A final design of the desired mobile studio was drawn on paper. And then the biggest challenge came: the (technical) design. Jaap was looking for a fiber solution over IP, to minimize cabling between the 19 “racks and DJ booths 

Solution: every DJ can work with the same equipment anytime and everywhere

During the ISE in 2016, Jaap van de Steeg spoke to Bettina Berk (Sales Manager at Adder) came into contact. Jaap thought that Adder’s equipment could be suitable for the mobile studio. Bettina advised Jaap and his colleagues to visit Intronics in Barneveld.

What came to notice immediately is that we speak the same language. Our foresighted look was perfect for the AV / KVM team of Intronics. During an inventory interview, they considered my wishes and told me what is technically possible and not possible. With good preparation, Intronics was looking for a suitable solution, without making it unnecessary expensive. Thus, in the AV-Lab, a solution was demonstrated that immediately met my needs. Also a second option, with more possibilities, was discussed. In the end, we have installed together a future-proof installation over IP that connects with the DJ furniture via only two fiber optic cables. “Jaap says.
In the mobile studio, up to 7 workstations can be created, with focus on the DJ. This way, the DJ can keep track of everything that happens in the studio. The mobile studio is provided with the ADDERLink INFINITY Manager A.I.M. and the ADDERlink Infinity 1002 digital KVM extender sets. Thanks to its clever composition, the mobile studio is ready for live broadcast in a few minutes. The mobile studio can be used for all TalpaRadio stations. For example with one push of a button, Adder’s flexible solution allows the mobile studio set-up to be switched between 538 and Radio Veronica.

The delivered solution from Adder is very flexible. For example, the number of workplaces can be quickly adapted to the users needs. DJs and producers can take over each other’s tasks quickly and flexibly. The Infinity Manager allows users to share different computer systems. With Adder’s free flow technology, it is possible to switch seamlessly with one mouse between 4 computers. For example, the DJ can monitor and control all systems. It is also possible to connect laptops, such as guests, to the KVM platform to share and use them in the broadcast.

Result: the quality of the equipment benefits the quality of the program

The mobile radio studio has already been used at various festivals such as Tomorrowland and the Amsterdam Dance Event. The supplied Adder equipment is housed in different flight cases, which are installed by TalpaRadio’s staff on location.

We expect that the studio will last for years. “The equipment works flawlessly! This allows the DJ to fully focus on its radio program and get the most pleasure out of the event “, concludes Jaap. 

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The KVM Lab is used for pre- and after-sales support such as:
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