Kingbright KPHHS-1005SURCK KPHHS-1005SURCK 0402 SMD LED in Red +

Item No. YS1514
End of life
This product cannot be ordered at the moment.
Brand Kingbright
Product category 1,0 x 0,5mm (0402)
Wavelength 630 nm
Type Red +, Wavelength 630 nm, Iv type. 220 mcd, Viewing angle 120 Degrees
Color Red +
Brand Kingbright
I forward 20 mA
Lens Waterclear
Lens typ Waterclear
Viewing angle 120 °
Iv type. 220 cd
Iv min. 70 cd
I (forward) 20 mA
Brand item no. KPHHS-1005SURCK
EAN code 8716065235913