IPTV system offshore at a ship

On the Vole au vent ship of Jan De Nul Group an IPTV system has been installed, so employees have access to live TV and video on demand in their spare time. Jan De Nul Group is a leading expert in dredging and marine construction activities, as well as in specialized services for the offshore industry of oil, gas and renewable energy. Vole au vent, a ship of Jan De Nul Group, is used to transport and install wind industry. The installation ship has a crew of 40 people. Many crew members work at the ship for a couple of weeks. That’s why entertainment on board is very important. “Exterity IPTV platform was already installed on the ship. Via the IPTV system, video content is distributed to more than 40 locations on the ship. Two types of content are distributed: Satellite TV and Video On Demand. “explains Nils Crabeel, Communication Navigation Network Officer at Jan De Nul Group.

Live tv and Video On Demand: 24/7 available

TV content is taken from satellite and thanks to IPTV the content is distributed over the existing network. The central part of Exterity’s complete IPTV platform is the AvediaServer. This server manages, configures and controls the entire system. In addition to satellite TV, different movies and series with Video on Demand 24/7 are available for the crew. It’s important for the crew members to choose what and when they want to watch. “The Vole au vent is shipping on the open sea for weeks. I have chosen AvediaCare support, in consultation with Intronics, to maintain full support on the system at all times. Exterity AvediaCare is a comprehensive aftercare warranty program that provides you with software and firmware updates and access to the AvediaCare Support Team, via your Exterity channel partner. AvediaCare cover also includes access to bug fixes and additional user interface options, all designed to maximize system performance and add enhanced functionality. “Explains Nils. As a result, the IPTV platform is updated and minor system problems are solved.

The power of the IPTV platform

The Exterity IPTV system can also display images of the security cameras on one or more channels in addition to satellite TV and Video on Demand, but it doesn’t stop there. With the IPTV system, it is also possible to send messages and show crew activity programs. Via Artio Portal, the design of Jan De Nul Group’s corporate style can be reproduced.

About Jan De Nul Group

Innovation, expertise and sustainability. These are the corner stones of Jan De Nul Group’s success. Thanks to its skilled employees and the world’s most modern fleet, Jan De Nul Group is a leading expert in dredging and marine construction activities, as well as in specialized services for the offshore industry of oil, gas and renewable energy. These core marine activities are further enhanced by Jan De Nul Group’s inhouse civil and environmental capabilities offering clients a complete package solution. More information can be found on www.jandenul.com. 

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